Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Jack Green Enters The Race!

So we've decided to enter the Orange Unsigned Act competetion. It seems we need as many votes as possible from the 1st to the 14th of September, so please stay glued and vote away. Then we can get on the box and flirt with Jo Whiley.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jack Green Goes Home

That's right back to Harrow. It's where the heart is. And most of our cash has been spent. Because really, there's nothing to do in Harrow except spend money on things you shouldn't spend money on. And tonight was no exception.

A last minute booking saw us headline The Trinity. Their slogan is 'A bar, not a chain'. Brilliant, I know.

Anyways we supported a singer songwriter girl. The place was swarming with industry types. Along with that members of The Natives, The Modelz and The Baskervilles we drank. We discussed the all dayer next week and how Mike from the Modelz doesn't smoke crack.

Anyways, here's some pictures of the people there.

I have to publically apologise for repeatedly asking if Mike was going to quickly smoke some crack. He doesn't smoke crack. He told me personally.

The Good Ship featuring a Libertine?

So. Good gig. Us and one of Pete Doherty's flatmates Alan Wass. Sure.

Now, I'm one to try and not scrap the barrel, but playing with Pete Doherty's flatmate is *fingers crossed* a good thing? Sure it is. Also, tonight Ben's new guitar is being premiered. It's a bit fancy, but i guess he likes to think he is too.

We get there and it's pretty dead. To be fair, it's 6:00. There's the support band in the corner, Tobacco Road. They've brought all their gear, we think 'this may just be a good one'.

Then. Time. Goes. By.

We watch the support act and wait for Wass. After, we wait. And wait.

At 10:00, Tobacco Road decide they want to go home. With all their gear. Oh. Rubbish. And still no Wass. One of the blokes from Tobacco Road comes and gives us the news. After a tear, we laugh it off.

And still we wait. For Wass...

But, no Wass was to be. So we nearly give up. No equipment. People turned up from far to see us, but not too much to offer. So..

We play anyway. We pull together whatever equipment we have and had a great response. Thank you to everyone who came. Who needs a Wass anyway?

Also massive props to this guy. He danced so hard during all the fast bit, and then caught his breath in the slow bits.

And these two fans who loved the new guitar.

Stealing our image?

Cheers John. Get your own ideas please..

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Whoop Whoop! It's at 'Sound' and The Police!

Jesus shitting Christ. What a night.

17th July. Leicester Square.

The opening guy was called
sonofabitch. He was one of those angry penetrating guys that's just so... giving. He strutted around like he was fucking each of us in the brain. Pretty cool.

Then it was our turn to play. But just before we played, we ran into this guy.

Now. On first impressions, this guy looks quite harmless. Some might say, 'not crazy'. But you'd be wrong. This guy was angry. This guy was angry, with this guy.

Three months ago see, a video was made by 'the mullet man' (we'll call him that). And 'the mullet man' received what they call a 'cheque'. This 'cheque' did this thing called 'bounce'. Now Jack says that the video was unfinished. Mullet man, says it was finished. This is where we have what they call a 'conflict'. And as a result of this 'conflict', 'the mullet man' said he would hunt Jack down until he paid the money that was owed. Hmmm. Meantime, gig a'gwan.

So, pensively, the gig was played.

As we had a situation on our hands, Jack decided to make a swift exit out of the fire exit. The band of thieves waited a few minutes and made an exit too. This would've been fine. But it really wasn't.

Mulllet man is pacing up and down Sound looking for Jack's blood to drink. The band of thieves load up into the lift and made for the ground floor. As the lift was going down, Ben decided to make a joke about how angry the 'crazy East European cameraman' looked. Little did he know that 'the mullet man' was just the other side of the double bass, in the same lift. I doubt this did much to calm him down.

And here comes the action. Picture this. The band of thieves are standing outside Sound with all the instruments. 'Where's Jack? Where's Jack?' asks the angry mullet character. We all plead ignorance, and he continued to pace. Until..

Mullet man grabs Tim's £3ooo Keyboard and runs across Leicester Square in an act of true coolness. This guy was so pissed off that he'd rather some old school justice than going to any court. He runs at full pelt until he decides he can't be bothered to run any more, and so wedges the keyboard (and it's half ripped soft case) in between two phoneboxes.

Below you can see him on the phone to somebody. Behind him is the keyboard, and the two phoneboxes.

After MM got a bit too annoying, the bloke to the right in the rather fetching purple shirt did us the favour of pushing him away and taking the keyboard. Amazing.

We walked away and the police arrived. They took our details and put a restraining order on the bloke.

Now Mullet Man isn't allowed within 50 metres of us. We had a mini adventure. After we went for buffalo wings at Bodeans. Today was a good day. Until he hunts us down that is...

Jack Green at the Camden Barfly

Meet Ross Grady.

At first glance you may say 'who is this paddy?' But if you're a band, dj and certainly if you're a lady, you should meet Ross Grady. He is the chief booker of the Barfly and pretty powerful. He also has the power of falling asleep in any place where ever he chooses. Ladies love him, men want to be him.

So when Ross Grady calls you and tells you he wants your band to play The Camden Barfly on a Friday night. You say, 'yes Ross. Anything. For you are sex.'

And so, on Friday 11th July, Jack Green and the Randy Seeds played the Barfly. It was Ben's birthday and it was full. We supported this McFly meets Fightstar type band and they let us use all their amazing expensive gear. After the gig, we drank this hench Polish vodka which was 78% proof. It was pretty rank. The night got pretty ugly afterwards thanks to Mike, but here's some photos of the good times.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Two Gigs - One Night

Sunday 6th July. We turn up early at the Dublin Castle ready for our gig at 10 o'clock. Everything goes swimmingly, sound check goes well. Then the sound guy drops the bombshell.

'Ready when you are!'


So we're onstage at 7:45. And it's pretty empty. All the people coming to see us haven't even chosen what to wear, let alone leave their houses. And so.. we play.

Sorry about the not great photo, but the guy who wanted to take photos was going to get there for 10. Touche.

Although at the beginning it was EMPTY. People started gathering around and by the end of the gig loads of people were dancing and people were really supportive. Rocco was sick. It helps...

Anyways, after our early gig, Jack Green and the Band of Dweebs felt a bit deflated. It was supposed to be a late gig at a packed out rockabilly club, and it started off being a show for the sound man when it was still light. So... we made things happen.

'Hello? Is that the Purple Turtle?'


'I've got the hottest band in the UK and they want to play at your club, it would mean a lot to them. They've just played a sold out show in Shoreditch and they've got a pack of people that want to go on and see them again. What do you say?'

'Erm.. I am a barmaid, do you want to speak to John?'

'Erm. Yes. Thanks.'

And so after a quick round of bullscrap, John agreed to host our after gig. We all got excited and thumbcrazy as we texted as many people as we could to tell them the gig had changed venues.

We get to the Purple Turtle and see the end of a hair metal band. After a quick schmooze, they agree to let us use all their hair metal equipment. After a turn down of the gain, we were ready and played to a packed out Purple Turtle.

Two gigs one night. Four gigs one weekend. Good bloody night.